Wolf Consulting Group and the Geometry of Life Programs

Organizations call us when they are faced with critical needs related to hiring, fitness for duty or suitability, performance issues that must be remediated by key Employees or Leaders, and organizational development. We work in the public and private sectors.

The Geometry of Life Programs are services of Wolf Consulting Group.

Over the past 3-plus decades of leading this organization I’ve learned that you must have:

  • A set of core values that provides stability and trust internally and externally,
  • A core competency that you hone, and
  • The ability and courage to re-invent yourself and the entire organization.

Core Values of Wolf Consulting Group and that drive our behavior in the Geometry Of Life Programs

  • Helping the client solve their problem is more important than making a profit on that particular project: Keep your word. When you say you are going to do something and people are counting on you, do it…come in early, stay late, work on the weekends, but do what you said you would do…be a trustworthy person. Not every intervention works, but by really putting in the effort, you can learn why something turned out the way it did and the client understands that that particular solution is not a fruitful one, so they are able to make the decisions they need to make.
  • Base all interventions on what has been scientifically proved or has a scientific basis. Psychological theory is a quagmire of disparate findings. However, by combining what is learned in laboratory based research with what you find in the consulting arena, truths can become clear.
  • Customer service starts inside our organization in how we treat each other.
  • Always grow; learn about how you create your life and how you effect others: You can’t really see or fix what is hampering others’ efforts, if you haven’t seen and fixed that issue in yourself.
  • It is our task to learn how to communicate what we know in a way that others can understand; the onus for understanding what is being communicated is on us, not them.
  • We want to help people help them selves. So, we concretely teach what we have learned and use coaching processes that will allow people to use that knowledge. Programs are educational and directive.
  • There are no secrets in organizations. Every thing eventually is known. When something goes wrong, bring it up ASAP to the client or inside the organization and take personal responsibility.
  • Trust is ephemeral; it takes years to build and can be lost in a second. Be transparent inside and outside the organization…Remember, we can only be transparent or seen through; there is no other alternative and these states are ultimately dichotomous.
  • Finally, this is a for profit business. It’s goal is to help a lot of people create success in the way they define it with peace of mind, and make enough money so members of the organization, who are living the core values…which takes a lot of personal growth, courage, and continuous study and effort…feel that their efforts are well compensated.

A Core Competency That You Hone

Our deepest core competency is: Understanding exactly how people create their lives.

All programs flow from this core competency. If we have a clear model of how people create their lives, it is possible to develop technologies that facilitate others’ understanding of how they are creating their lives and technologies of behavioral change.

There are three areas to work at constantly improving:

  • The 5-pattern model and how we communicate that so it becomes easier to fully comprehend,
  • Technologies related to assessment of the 5-patterns, and
  • Technologies related to changing the 5-patterns.

The ability and courage to re-invent yourself and the entire organization

Over my professional lifetime, Psychology has swung from the extremes of traditional psychoanalysis to extreme behaviorism to cognitive behavioral “best practices”, all reflecting changes in the underlying philosophies of science generally moving closer and closer to the understanding that everything is interconnected. So, practice has gone from not interacting with the person who wants to change their life to a highly interactive coaching model. The future of teaching and facilitating life change will integrate the use of the audio-visual techniques, the web and social media in ways not imagined now. But, we are hard at work creating new technologies with a very soft touch.

Geometry of Life Programs are the most current in a very long line of life-change programs that we have developed and used to create change in others who seek change or who must change to keep their jobs or their significant other. We document what works and what doesn’t, and constantly work to make change possible and as easy as possible, while slowing the process down when that is what is needed.

Our work with you

We have developed technologies for understanding you and helping you change. But, we can’t go any faster than your ability to understand and internalize why you act as you do, and your ability to understand and internalize exactly what you need to do to change…and most importantly, your being comfortable with becoming different and how your becoming different will change how you feel about you.