Geometry of Life Program

Your brain manages your life until you become conscious and take control: Create the life you want, rather than living the life you have.

You set the pace in understanding what we teach. 

We will successfully teach you self-awareness, the 5-patterns, because we walk every step with you. We go only as fast as you can integrate the information. And, we’ve developed exercises that help the information stick.

We know what we want to teach you: Your 5-patterns and how they run your life.

However, how we teach in any given moment is designed in that moment with you based on our understanding of how we can best communicate the information to you.

In coaching you, the onus is on us to communicate in a way you can understand; it is not on you to figure out how to understand a pre-set learning program.

It may surprise you, but finding your 5-patterns is the easy part of the program. You will know the patterns within 6-hours. And, you will see some obvious big changes you want to make.

The most difficult thing about changing your behavior is your ability to make the change stick. So, we partner with you to give you the information you need in the way you can understand. We work with you using exercises to integrate the information and to facilitate change that will stick.

In sum, though the program information, our technology, has been honed and worked out over the past three decades, its delivery to you is custom engineered based on what you need in the moment.

You are doing your best. There is a constant message and truth that we communicate to you throughout the program: You are doing your best. You are not crazy, or stupid or flawed…You do not act in the ways you act because you are weak or ‘enjoy’ the pains that come along in your life.

When you create faceplants…act in ways that don’t work for you… you are doing so based on factors initially beyond your control; your genetics, developmental factors that occurred when you were very young, and brain functioning today. But, as an adult, with education and coaching you can come to understand the 5-patterns that run your life and change the patterns.

Our meetings in the program. When I write ‘5-patterns’, I am stating the names of the patterns, such as ‘Attachment Strategy’, or ‘Personal BluePrint’. When we work together, I find and teach you YOUR Attachment Strategy and YOUR Personal BluePrint. We leave theory behind and move to what makes you tick as a unique person.

The first 6 -meetings are 3-hours each. These meetings take place over a 4-6 month period; you have a lot to learn and think about and try. The first 2-meetings are about 2-weeks apart. We want to understand you as quickly as possible.

The last 2-meetings are about 1.5 hours each. They are no-charge to you. You can ask for them at any point in your life: Most people come back for clarifications, or exercises during the first year. It is always wonderful to see you and help you.

First meeting - In the first meeting, I will explain the 5-paterns in detail, using examples I believe will fit your situation based on why you have entered the program. Then, through interviewing you we will find your exact version of the each pattern that runs your life. Some patterns will initially ‘speak’ to you more than others, so we start with where you are most involved.

If you are like most people, as your patterns emerge during the interview and I describe them to you, you will see and feel their power in your life. Again, if you are like most people, you will go from interested skepticism to some version of, “Holy ****, …How did you do that? What do I need to do to change this?”

You may already “know” at some level much that is revealed about you; it’s just that you’ve never before heard it all summarized into a coherent whole. That is an amazing experience…You will understand how you work; you will see a way to change things that have bothered you for years.

After the first meeting, I will send you Notes summarizing, and expanding what we’ve most focused on or what I believe you need to work on before the second meeting.

Second meeting - In our second meeting, we will start with your questions. You will have had some real insights and will likely have had some interesting conversations with yourself and important others.

We will look at your personal 5-patterns in greater detail. My first task has been to help you see your 5-separate patterns. My second task is to help you understand your patterns and yourself, as a coherent and integrated whole that explains why you act as you do. You will also learn how the patterns interact with and support one another...which is why they are so difficult to fully change.

By the end of the second meeting, we are both on the same page in understanding how your patterns have managed your life. In the previous 6-hours, we’ve worked the ideas over and over so the system of how you work is clear to you; you’ve learned a new way of looking at your behavior and are really beginning to be clear, or are really clear about why you act as you do, and have a path for change.

You will begin to change after the first meeting. But with each meeting your understanding of yourself as a whole integrated system is more clear to you and change becomes more focused.

After the second meeting, I will send you a Note summarizing, and expanding what we’ve discovered or give you some things to work on before the next meeting.

The remaining meetings - The remaining meetings are 3-4 weeks apart; you will have lot to work on and think about. I adjust the time based on how you work and process information.

Though we have been framing what you learn in ways that help solve the problems that caused you to enter the program, by the third meeting, we are focusing in much greater detail on the major problem you are facing…why you came into the program or something else that has become so clearly ‘the problem’…and exactly what you need to do to become different and make change stick.

Becoming the person you have always wanted to be. Many people become concerned with actually becoming different. Moving from a well-known path, even if it is painful, to a new path, brings up anxieties. We work on those anxieties. This typically occurs during the 3rd or 4th meeting as you fully emotionally understand that the old path has really not worked and you see what and who you could become by taking this new path. For most people, this is frightening; it was for me. I worked my way through it, so I can and will help you do the same.

In the third, fourth, fifth and sixth meetings, we work on you fully hearing and trusting what and how you feel and what and how you think, so you can more realistically evaluate yourself, others and the situations you are in and more effectively communicate to yourself and to others what you really need…not what you simply want.

We work on how to feel and support the parts of you that you want to nurture. Making these changes will allow you to feel stable and in control, without grasping for control.

I will send you a Note after each meeting, summaries or things to work on…places you may be stuck or need to think about.

Learning to love and admire your self. Something we work on continuously during these meetings is teaching you how to love and admire yourself, love and admire others, and to accept the love and admiration of others.

Most people live within inner Judgments-the 3-little cs (criticism, control, and conditions of worth). We work continuously understanding how you do that now and work even harder to teach you to live with Acceptance-the 3-Big Cs (Concern, Care and Courage).

Regarding Judgment and Acceptance: Or creating success in the way you define it with peace of mind

We all create our lives based on our personal working model of who we are: How our world feels to us as we go through our life and where do we fit in our world as played out through our 5-patterns….How we experience ourselves and our world.

The more you use judgments to experience your self and those with whom you interact, the more stress you experience. And, though it may be counterintuitive to some, the more you use control, criticism and conditions to manage yourself, the less likely you will be to achieve or maintain your success.

In every meeting, we are working to change how you experience yourself and the situations you are in. We work to help you move from living a life of Judgment to living a life of Acceptance by better managing your 5-patterns.

We continuously work to help you experience yourself with Care, Concern & Courage, rather than control, criticism and conditions of worth.

When you live in Acceptance, you will be able to create success as you define it with peace of mind.

Is the program right for you?

The program is right for those who will entertain the idea that they are the problem and the solution in their life…but who just don’t know where to go from there.

The program is right for people who have Concern enough for them selves to realize how much pain they are in, Care enough for them selves that they want more from their life than they are receiving, and have the Courage to become who they want to be…the Courage to make the most of the gifts they have been given.