Too many of us are Self conscious. Too few of us are self-aware. Become self-aware. Understand and better manage the 5-patterns of behavior that run your life.

Geometry of Life Organization

Our constitution ensures “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". Unfortunately, lacking self-awareness, too many of us create lives in which we feel trapped…and happiness…becomes an elusive dream.

We are not taught self-awareness in school, and when we seek self-awareness in therapy or books, or attend yet another class in the school of hard knocks, we do often find some greater self-knowledge…but we are not taught at a holistic level exactly how and why we create the lives we create. Using a coaching model, developed and practiced over the past 30-years, we teach people to become self-aware by understanding and managing the 5-patterns of behavior that run their lives. We help you help yourself…these are not therapy programs: You are taught to become self-aware in the same way you have been taught other complex skills…education, coaching for greater understanding, guided practice, real world application and then feed back and corrections.